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Wrangholm Kirk

Wrangholm Kirk Holytown Parish Church
History  This Church we know today as Wrangholm Kirk was founded as a Free Church in 1843 following the Disruption.  In  1890 it became a United Free Congregation and then in 1929, Church of Scotland.  Kirk Session and Board There are currently 11 members in the Kirk Session. There are a further 7 board members.  Communion  We observe the Lord’s Supper on the third Sundays, in February, June and October.  In June we also have an  evening communion service at 6.30 p.m.  Roll and attendance  There are currently178 members on the Church roll.  There are usually 80 in attendance each Sunday morning.  This  includes our Sunday school with around 12 children. Buildings  At present, we have a traditional church and a hall located opposite the church on the other side of Clydesdale Street.  The church has an Allen Digital Organ and a Yamaha Digital piano.  The interior of the Church has recently been redesigned and created a multi-purpose space in the church.  This will  allow us to sell the hall and locate all our activities under one roof.  With the linkage of the congregations, the manse  is no longer required and it has recently been sold. Finance  The Church has met its financial commitments, with regular fund raising events and two days of giving each year.  Website The Church has an informative web site at www.wrangholmkirk.btik.com  Magazine  A bi-monthly newsletter is produced and is also published on our website.