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Holytown Parish Church

A BRIEF HISTORY Holytown Parish Church
History This Church has been looking down over the village of Holytown and the surrounding area since 1837 – three different centuries – but its origins go back to at least 1688.  Over the years, the village has changed as well as the lives of the worshippers but in spite of changes all around, two very important things remain constant – the Gospel message preached within these walls is faithful to th teachings of the Bible, and the witness of the congregations stands firm. Kirk Session and Board There are currently 19 members in the Kirk Session. There are a further 7 board members. Communion We observe the Lord’s Supper on the first Sundays, in March, June, September and December at 10.00 a.m. Roll and Attendance There are currently 326 members on the Church roll.  There are usually 80 to 90 in attendance each Sunday morning.  When organisations are present at special services attendance will be 140 to 150. Buildings We maintain our Church buildings, including an impressive pipe organ, to a high standard.  We have a new, purpose built hall, which combines a large and small hall, with excellent facilities in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  The hall is used for congregational and community activities. Finance The Church is financially sound and all commitments are met from offerings and two donation days each year. Website The Church has an informative web site at (you are here). Magazine A free quarterly newsletter is produced (except July and August).  Elders will distribute it prior to Communion Servic and it is available for collection at the church.  You can also view online copies of the magazine in the news area on this website.