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DAVIE PATERSONíS GHOST Holytown Parish Church
Last nicht I ate a hunk o’ cheese Afore I went tae bed, An’, that wi’ me aye disagrees, I’ll dream the nicht,” I said. An’ sure enough, I wasna doon An’ barely closed ma een, When I was fair transported Tae the year Twenty nineteen. It seemed tae me that I was dressed An’ tae the Kirk was gaun, My Sunday suit was newly pressed An’ a hymn book in my haun. For by this time it noo appeared That I was muckle thinner, An’ was a member o’ the choir An’ what’s mair, leadin’ tenor. The service wasna half way thro’ The sermon just begun, When in my lug I heard a “Boo”, I loupit up tae run. “sit doon, Sit doon an’ hae a crack An’ dinna start tae hoast,” An’ man alive when I looked roon, ‘Twas Davie Patersons’ Ghost. We sat an’ cracket in the choir As if it was yestreen, An’ nae another member My ghostly pal had seen. An’ when the closin’ hymn was sun’ My ain puir v’ice was lost, The leadin’ tenor sure as fate, Was Davie Paterson’s Ghost. The service o’er I made for hame Nae speakin’ tae a soul, An’ at thecorner o’ the road Gaed clash intae a hole. For an Austin an’ a trailer grey Gaed whizzin’ past the post, An’ at the wheel in great array Was Davie Paterson’s Ghost. Wi’ that I waukened wi’ a start I was flat upon the flair, My throat was dry – I was freezin’ caul I’ll guzzle cheese nae mair. But man, if speerits o’ the deid Should wander or get lost, In an Austin an’ a trailer Ye’ll fin’ Davie Paterson’s Ghost. James McLeman When Mr David Paterson died at the end of 1972 Holytown village and Holytown Church lost one of its best known  residents and members.  Mr Paterson had a welcome for all who visited the Church and made a point of speaking to any  newcomers or visitors.  For many years he was in the choir.  He was also treasurer and session clerk.  He founded the  Boys’ Brigade Company and was always known by “his boys” as “Captain” long after he laid down the reins.