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Holytown Parish Church

THE BONNY KIRK O HOLYTOON Holytown Parish Church
Thou Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon, Thou sits upo’ the brae An’ smiles upo’ the country roon The Lang simmer day; An’ when the leaves begin to fa’ An’ naething seems the same Thou still looks doon upo’ them a’ An’ blesses ilka hame Thou Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon, The Kirk upo’ the hill, Remindin’ folk in HOlytoon To dae the Lord’s guid will; Thou summons them frae croft an’mine To turn aside an’ pray; An’ bonnie art thou, little shrine, Upon a Sabbath day. Thou Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon, Oor faithers lo’ed ye dear An’ cam sae blyth tae Holytoon Frae hooses far an’ near. An’ still their children lo’e ye yet Far mair than they can say Richt Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon That sits up’ the brae O Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon What sanctifies oor days, Still look wi’ grace on Holytoon, An’ still direct oor ways. For. Weel we ken, tho’ times may change, An’ troubles never cease, In the Bonnie Kirk o’ Holytoon Is aye our deepest peace. James McLeman