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Welcome to Holytown Parish Church

Holytown Parish Church is part of the Hamilton Presbytery of the Church of Scotland.  It is now a linked charge with New Stevenston, Wrangholm Kirk.  The Church was first opened in 1837 and serves the community of Holytown in Motherwell, Scotland.

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holytownparishchurch.org.uk Holytown Parish Church Holytown Parish Church Our Vision  Our vision is to be a living, caring Church at the heart of our communities - celebrating worship, offering support, giving a welcome and sharing the good news of Jesus.
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Our magazine is now being delivered by your elder every 3 months,  prior to communion.  A copy of the Newsletter is also in the ‘News’ Section of this website.
Friends of Holytown Church This is a new group which is being formed to help with the repair and maintainance of the Church and details regarding membership will be issued soon. Social Evening on 7 October was a great success with £800 raised.
Snake at Summer Fayre.  See more photos of our Summer Fayre under GROUPS -Other Activities
On Sunday, 22 January 2017 the congregation will be voting on whether to adopt a Unitary Constitution.    At present our Church works with a Kirk Session (responsible for spiritual matters) and a Congregational Board (responsible for finance and property). Under the Unitary Constitution, everything would be governed by the Kirk Session who would set up various groups.  These groups would then report back to the Kirk Session. Members of the congregation will be encouraged to join the groups. The vote will be whether to abolish the Congregational Board and allow the Kirk Session to take responsibility now for the finance and property of the Church. The minister will give the congregation more details on Sunday, 22nd Jan.